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welcome to the Nature Baby Journal, a thoughtfully curated world of information for parents and parents to be. Inspiration, products and ideas that will nurture you, your baby and the environment.

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  1. Africa Daley-Clarke

    Africa Daley-Clarke

    We speak to Africa about the focus she gives to sustainable and natural fabrics, her lifelong love for second-hand, and motherhood in general.

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  2. courtney Adamo

    courtney Adamo

    we speak to mother-of-five Courtney Adamo about family life in her little corner of the world.

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  3. recipe: Apple Pie Smoothie

    recipe: Apple Pie Smoothie

    A delicious smoothie with nourishing, restorative ingredients to keep you going through the day, this wholesome recipe is sure to be a favourite for new mums and the whole family!

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  4. motherhood: anna hewitt

    motherhood: anna hewitt

    The lovely Anna Hewitt shares with us her journey of motherhood living abroad in San Francisco, raising 3 little ones.

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  5. tips and tricks: christmas gifts

    tips and tricks: christmas gifts

    Christmas is a new and exciting experience with a little one. We have put together a few age-relevant tips and tricks to make your gift giving easy.

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  6. motherhood: jessica lloyd mostyn

    motherhood: jessica lloyd mostyn

    Jessica Lloyd Mostyn mum of Rocket, with number 2 on the way, is currently sailing the world with her family. She shares some of their experiences of being a family at sea.

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  7. step by step to safe and secure swaddling

    step by step to safe and secure swaddling

    We have created a step by step guide for the important ritual of swaddling your new born baby. Swaddling helps baby to feel safe and secure especially during the “fourth trimester” the first 3-4 months after baby is born.

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  8. motherhood: jodi wilson

    motherhood: jodi wilson

    Jodi Wilson, mum of Che, Poet and Percy, and much loved writer photographer of Practising Simplicity, shares some of her wisdom and experiences as a mum.

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  9. motherhood: louise cuckow

    motherhood: louise cuckow

    A mother of our own! Louise Cuckow is the designer here at Nature Baby, and mum to Jemima.

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